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design & construction partner

Amanda Baxter is a Hudson Valley entrepreneur who operates many local businesses. She is a co-owner of Heritage Food + Drink, President at R.L. Baxter Building Corporation, owner of Baxter Property Management, and has consulted for Mill House Brewing Company. Baxter’s name is no stranger to the Hudson Valley. Amanda aspires to develop projects that aid in revitalizing the area she grew up in and where Amanda raises her two children. As a Duchess County, native, Amanda understands that local businesses give a community its flavor and its roots. By expanding into the hospitality industry, Baxter’s talents have brought about niche destination restaurants that benefit local communities. Amanda has successfully completed projects, from modest residential renovations to some of the most sophisticated ground-up commercial spaces. Amanda is the mastermind behind two expressive design and gut renovation restaurants in the Hudson Valley; Heritage Food + Drink and Mill House Brewing Company. Amanda’s design at Heritage Food + Drink, a farm-to- table restaurant in Wappinger’s Falls, showcases multiple spaces from leisurely, intimate dining to large private dining rooms. Heritage is all Baxter Built and is a stunning example of what Baxter can do. Amanda Baxter is driven in her career and feels proud to be part of flourishing local businesses here in the Hudson Valley.

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