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LEMON MERINGUE SHORTCAKE - Vanilla shortcake, lemon curd, toasted meringue $10   

RED VELVET CHEESECAKE - Dark chocolate, toasted meringue, milk crumb $11

CAST IRON CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE - Housemade marshmallow, chocolate chips, walnuts, vanilla ice cream $11

PB&J PROFITEROLES - Strawberry ice cream, local berry jam, peanut butter mousse, chocolate sauce, powdered sugar $10    

APPLE CRISP FOR TWO (GF) - Local honeycrisp + empire apples, brown sugar crust, vanilla ice cream $12

CHOCOLATE CAKE - 5 layer chocolate cake, vanilla bean whipped cream, candied pretzels $10


CRAFTED CUP COFFEE - Poughkeepsie, NY - Organic blend or Decaf $4    

HARNEY & SONS TEA - Millerton, NY - English Breakfast, Organic Green w/ Citrus + Ginko, Peppermint Herbal (d), Earl Grey SUPREME, CHAMOMILE (d) or PARIS $3      

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