Roast dinner on the bone
Brisket roast dinner
Spicy honey fried chicken sandwich
Pig Mac pork burger with toppings
Mini hamburger slider
Pork chop platter
Asparagus and fresh veggies platter
Egg and avocado salad
Chicken dish with lemon
Appetizer platter with cheeses
Casserole dinner
Fresh salad
Green appetizer
Appetizer with chick peas and cuke
Fried chicken with pickles and sauce
Hot chicken wings appetizer
Reuben sandwich and hamburger
Grilled fish filet dinner
Tuna bites appetizer
Casserole dinner
Salmon with red wine
Baked mac and cheese dinner
Steak being charred on the grill
Delicious appetizer
Pork loin on the grill
Deep fried egg
Slice of pie dessert
Baked cookie and ice cream dessert