executive chef

Chef Jared started cooking for others at the age of 13. That’s when his mother started teaching English to adults at night.  She would leave half prepared meals with detailed instructions that he would cook for his brother and father. Soon he started making up his own dishes and that’s where a true love of creative cooking was born. While attending New York Restaurant School, this Brooklyn native honed his culinary skills working at a local pizzeria. After graduating he went to work at critically acclaimed restaurants in Manhattan such as, Tribeca Grill and Crispo. He rose through the ranks to Sous Chef before beginning his work at Bolo, Bobby Flay’s New York Times Rated Three Star restaurant. While there, Jared was chosen to open Bobby Flay’s first international restaurant, Mesa Grill, Atlantis, on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This is where he met the current Heritage GM, Ed Krebser. Their he helped turn a crew of young cooks into the power-house behind the hotel’s top JD Powers rated restaurant. Upon returning home he helped open a couple of successful restaurants such as the large two-floor beer garden, Berry Park and, a Mexican-night club, Trace.  Perhaps what Jared is most proud of is being the chef at the Michelin- recommended restaurant 606 R&D in Brooklyn. Three years ago Jared and his family moved to the Hudson Valley to be closer to the farms, local crafters, and food artisans.  He stumbled across a small listing for a newly renovated restaurant.  This restaurant happened to be Crawford Craft in Pine Bush NY.  There more than anything else he met a great community of people.  He loved this community so much he brought a house to stay in the area after leaving Crawford Craft.  Prior to Heritage, Jared explored his culinary ingenuity, in Pine Bush, with his take on Indian cuisine at The Hoot Owl.